Using the editor

How do I register to be an editor?
Follow this link, complete your registration details together with the secret which you have been given. When you have successfully registered, you will be taken to the login form.
How do I login?
Starting at the editor, click on Login, fill in your username and password and login. You will be directed back to the home page.
How do I extract a trip report from a newsletter?
  • Click on Newsletters in the menu bar.
  • You will see a list of issues, some of which have had trips extracted. (There are usually several per newsletter). There is also a form for uploading a newsletter.
  • Scroll down to find the newsletter you want to edit and click on Extract Trips. If you can't see this link, you haven't logged in yet.
  • The newsletter is shown as a series of simple paragraphs. Scroll down the newsletter to find the section which deals with a trip. Trips which have already been extracted are greyed out.
  • Select the full text of the trip and click on Select Text. The first and last paragraph numbers will be displayed
  • When happy, click Create Trip. If the entry passes basic validation, the Trip will be saved and you can then go on to annotate it
What does the annotator do?
The annotator allows you to add additional data to the trip by entering it in the form below the map.
What trip data can I enter?
Any or all of the following:
  • Start Date : used to order trips chronologically
  • Vessel name, type and organisation
  • Skipper name
  • Crew names
  • Waypoints
  • Web links
How do I enter the vessel name?
Find the name of the vessel in the text. Select this text and click the Vessel button. The selected text appears in the name field. Vessel names start with a capital letter and are lower-case so you may need to edit the name text. You can also add the vessel type and the name of the organisation from which it is chartered. When the information has been entered, click the Add button. The trip will be updated and the text highlighted in bold.
How do I save the changes I made?
Changes are saved each time you add an annotation. You will see the form flash red briefly as the change is made.
How do I delete an annotation?
Select some text within the annotation. The form will show the type of annotation and the associated date. If this is the one you want to delete, click Delete Annotation
How do I update an annotation?
Put the cursor in the annotation and click the right button. The fields in the form will be set to the values in this annotation. Change any value and when satisfied, click Replace
How do I edit the crew list?
Select the part of the text which lists the crew and click Crewlist. The list can contain commas and 'and' but edit the list if it has other text. When happy, click add. Each of the names will be marked as a crew member.
I've found a point in the report where I want to add a Waypoint. How do I get its latitude and longitude?
If there is a location name in the text, select the text and click the Waypoint button. The text will appear in the Name Field. To find the latitude and longitude of that location, click Find Location. The application will check to see if that name has already being used on this or other trips. If it is not already known, Google will try to find where that is. If a location is found, the red marker will be moved to that place on the map and the map centred on the location. The text will also appear in the Location field, so if this is the wrong place you can edit the Name, clear the lat/long and try again.
What if there isn't a name?
Select some descriptive text at the right place in the text and click Waypoint. Enter a suitable place name in the Name field. It's important that this name be chosen carefully so that the waypoint can be reused in other trips. Click Find Location. When the marker is in the right place, click Add.
The marker is in roughly the right place but not quite. How do I change it?
Drag the red marker to the right position. You can change the level of zoom on the slider. The latitude and longitude is shown in the form and changes as you move the marker.
How do I insert a waypoint into the report?
Having found the coordinates of the location, you can add a day number and a time. This enables the weather at that time to be found. When you are happy with the data, select a fragment of text in the document which relates to this location and click Add. The Waypoint annotation will be added and a map marker appears in the text.
How can I mark the crew list?
Select the list of crew names and click Crew List.The list of names can contain commas and add. If Ok, click Add. This should annotate each name as a crew member.
A crew name is only the first name - how do I enter the full name?
The full name should be provided so that all that person's trips can be found. Click on the name, edit the Name field and click Replace
How can I view the annotated report?
Click View Trip in the menu bar. There will be a bit of a pause whilst weather data is retrieved and added to the site so it is available when viewing the trip report.
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