This site contains information on trips, yachts, places and people, interlinked and mapped. The aim is present the members' sailing trips enhanced with the route of the trip, the weather and shipping forecast at the time.

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How it works

Newsletters are distributed as Word Documents. Each is saved as an XML file and uploaded to the database. Trip reports can then be extracted from the text and then updated with annotations. Each annotation establishes a fact about the trip: who is the skipper, which boat was used, who was a member of the crew, when the trip started; and also points of interest in the trip and shipping forecasts.

This information allows trips, people, locations and vessels to be interlinked. The view of a trip displays the route of the trip, together with the nearest weather for that place and date/time.

Freyja on a pontoon
Peter Wakeling
End of a long, hard day
Paul Johnson
Croatia June 2011