Trip on Anodyne starting 2009-12-18 in BSAFeb10

Christmas lights Sailing Report – “Anodyne18-20 Dec 2009

“Anodyne”: Bavaria 36. Crew: Phil Steele (skipper), Bob Buchanan, Becky Goddard, Sue Fowle, Kendon Macdonald and Don Hirst.

The crew assembled at QAB on Friday for a 15:00 handover. The safety briefing had just about finished as the cabin table was full to overflowing with empty cans and bottles when Simon from Liberty Yachts, the charter company, popped on board to give us a 1KW heater to supplement the boat heating. We wondered if this was super service or sympathy for a group of misguided geriatrics. We took the hint and went in search of some more antifreeze. The initial shock was so much that we walked past 4 pubs. Is this a first for BSA? We ran out of steam when we reached the China House where a number of parties were in full swing. We managed to squeeze in and had a very nice evening meal before returning to the boat for a nightcap. Sue even managed to remember to take a couple of spare batteries to bed with her.

Those that got up in time were treated to near tropical showers at QAB. The passage plan was to set off for lunch at anchor in the bay near MevagisseyMap before mooring at the town quay in FoweyMap. The BBC’s predicted Force 2 NW maximum turned into an upper Force 5 West South West. When it became apparent that our initial object to anchor in the bay for lunch was unachievable in the time available, two wimps went below to prepare an in-flight lunch, while the remainder set course for Fowey. On the way the port hand window blew out of the spray hood which, like some of the crew, was beginning to show its age. As the squalls got stronger, the skipper finally relented, ordered that sails be dropped and the engine switched on to achieve a more direct course and make Fowey in a reasonable time.

As we approached Fowey, Bob, the official photographer, took pictures of the Christmas lights to record the achievement of the object of our cruise. We tied up at the town quay, as planned, and after some bottles of mulled wine had been consumed set off for Sam’s. We got in without having to wait and had some good service in the upstairs lounge. We returned to the boat for a nightcap or two.

Sunday dawned fine and was slightly warmer than Saturday never the less the deck was frosted and was quite hazardous, the wearing of life jackets and safety lines mandatory for those going on deck. Kendon who took ill on the first day was no better Sunday so left for home, not wishing to pass any lurgie to the rest of the crew. The crew all wished him a speedy recovery and ever helpful to a fault suggested he saw a good doctor. (Secretary’s note: for those who don’t know, Kendon IS a doctor.)

With the only dedicated gourmet porridge eater gone, a whole bag of porridge was made up without reference to the instructions. It made considerably more than expected and came out a bit on the thick side, but there is no truth in the rumour that when the leftovers were dropped in the river the fish threw it back and reported us for creating a hazard to navigation.

We set out for a leisurely run back to Plymouth. It was an idyllic sail; Sue was sunbathing on the deck. All very gentle until the bacon butties were ready for lunch when we were hit by upper Force 4 winds out of a clear sky and spent an uncomfortable 10 minutes shortening sail in strong westerly gusts before relaxing again. We were required to collect fuel from Plymouth Yacht Haven before returning Anodyne to her berth in QAB, as QAB’s refuelling pontoon had been removed for the winter. Anodyne was well turned out and sailed well. The log was under reading even though Liberty said that the transmitter had been cleaned before we took her over. We thanked Phil for organising and skippering a good trip making the most of the prevailing conditions.

Mevagissey  50.2763,-4.7794
Weather at EGDR   4 kts from West 3.0C, 1015mb Rain Showers
Fowey  50.3349,-4.6323
Weather at EGDB   3 kts from ENE 1C, 1010mb Drizzle