Trip on a Beneteau 39.2 starting 2011-06-11 in BSAJuly11

Croatia trip 11th June 2011 – report by Bob Hayes.

Trip organiser and navigator Bob Hayes, Steward and entertainments manager Paul Johnson, Travel agent and grumpy old man Bernard Smyth, Buildings advisor and leading beer drinker Alan Gray, Principal Helm and tourist John Hartland, Skipper and passenger (1st Class) Phil Steele.

The charter company used was Sunsail. The boat was typical of Sunsail’s good quality boats, a Beneteau 39.2 sloop. The weather was rather warm and mostly sunny during the day (but not at night) with calm mornings and generally a good sailing breeze in the afternoon and evening rising from 13.30 from F2 towards F6 southerly in direction.

By the time the boat was handedMap over late afternoon and after few beers/shopping we decided to catch a taxi into Primosten a pretty tourist town for the evening. The next morning we set off stopping off to anchor for lunch at Solta (Necujam) moving on a longish sail to Isle St Klement (VinogradiseMap) to anchor overnight. Food and drinks was served every hour on the hour throughout the day which formed the pattern for the week. Paul decided that he would be our water taxi and operated a top class service ferrying us about a quarter of a mile to a garden restaurant.

The next morning we walked across the island to the marina for showers, drinks and to investigate the possibilities of catching the ferry to Hvar Town, this proved too expensive so we used our own ferry instead and anchored for lunch in the harbour with a line ashore. The wind got up making the place untenable and yachts were not allowed to berth on the quay so we were unable to go ashore. Instead we set off to the island of Vis and moored stern to. Bernard having appointed himself as permanent cocktail waiter refreshed our huge G&T’s again when by good fortune the builders arrived with Jack hammers to start the evening shift. This is where Alan came into his own by being able to describe what he builders were doing wrong and how much he could do the job for. He maintained this insightful information on our request throughout the remainder of the holiday. We found a nice bar for a drink and Bob decided that we only deserved a pizza for the evening meal the worst one went to Alan topped with mechanically recovered meat. The less said about this the better.

The next day we set off back to Hvar Island and anchored in Vela Garsha for yet another exotic lunch which had followed the second breakfast and refreshments on the hour. The crazy ones went swimming again saying ooh look a fish, what a surprise considering they were swimming in the sea. We set off again for a great sail back to Solta (Necujam) going further into the inlet for an overnight stern-to.

The next day we headed to the mainland TregirMap (Tregir Quay) having lunch on the hoof in light winds. Just as soon as the last plate arrived on deck with meat and cheese salad an unscheduled F6 pounced requiring manned helming and quick reefs whilst leaving a trail in the water as the lettuce, cucumber, etc which flew off the plates leaving only tomatoes still attached. Tregir has a medieval sector filled with restaurants, shops and a castle. Alan was in his element wearing his builder’s hard hat. John had led the way as master helm so far but missed the early tour and required a guided tour the next day before we set off around the large market.

We now travelled north of Kremlik having lunch at sea before arriving at the island of Zirje (Mapvela StupicaMap) to anchor next to a large cat sporting four large naked German old men, what a treat with our G&T’s. The island is reputed to still not be clear of land mines but the skinny dipping young ladies in a yacht on our other side did not know this as they swam ashore.

Our final sailing day had arrived, setting off after the first breakfast we “sailed” in moderate winds towards the island of ZlarinMap for a lunch stop. On emerging from the cove we saw a yacht aground on isolated rocks (there are lots of these) which were marked. The vessel had grounded its keel by what looked like at least a foot. Without tide one could only assume that a large wash had made this possible in this non-tidal water. Crew were aboard and another yacht was standing by. Anyway the day was spent sailing in good airs with all trying to get the most out of the sail power as we navigated a twisting route through the small islands and isolated dangers. We sailed up to the marina entrance Mapspending our last evening again in Primosten.

Split  43.5015,16.4303
Vinogradišće, Sv Klement  43.1586,16.3631
Trogir  43.514,16.2468
Zirje, Croatia  43.6577,15.6716
Zirje, Croatia  43.6577,15.6716
Zlarin  43.699,15.8321
Split  43.5015,16.4303