Trip on Me-Go starting 2009-10-02 in BSAOct09

Voyage Report : 2 - 4 October 2009 – report by Ian Harding

Yacht: “Me - Go” - Bavaria 36, Location : Falmouth Marina (Cornish Cruising)

Skipper : Phil Steele

Crew : Graham Constable (Mate ), Chris Baxendale, Sue Heath, Jenny Ball and Ian Harding

2nd October :- Ian & Chris arrived early Friday afternoon, and checked in with Cornish Cruising to identify the yacht’s berth in the large MarinaMap. We then took their advice and took the car to ASDA, (Too far to walk with shopping, and you pass it on the approach road), as LIDL which is nearby doesn’t have much choice. Although we were there by 1400 hrs expecting it to be quiet, it was heaving with people.

On return to the boat, we opened her up and down below she smelled damp, with a slight whiff of loo! So we set about airing her out before everyone else arrived. First impressions were that she was a tired boat, and had not been used much recently. Her 4 years of age seemed more like 10, as there was a very faded Genoa leech showing and lots of wear around the bow toe-rail….It was a pity that the Marina staff had not freshened her up before we arrived , but only two people seemed to be on duty then. When the rest of the party arrived, we decided to eat at the Marine Bar & Restaurant, which turned out a nice meal for £102 for six, but was rather noisy later as it is one of the “In“ places to be in Falmouth if you’re young.

3rd October :- Departed the berth at 1015 , having decided that the conditions made Fowey preferable to Penzance, as we had a westerly F5/6, and sailed under Genoa . The weather was very mixed and we managed to sail around some squalls we saw in the distance, and just outside Fowey we saw a yacht race where they were close hauled into the prevailing sea and wind, and having a rough ride compared to ourselves…. We arrived in FoweyMap after 22 miles of sailing, and took a visitors’ pontoon in the river. There was a debate about the evening’s meal, made awkward by the Water Taxi finishing at 1930 (The end of the season we thought?), and considerable rain coupled with a strong river current inhibiting the use of the dinghy. Then we moved to the town pontoon as the Harbourmaster would have gone home by now !, and along to the left arrived at the Globe Old Post House Inn, for a lovely evening meal of Dover Sole on special offer, (£9 each). This was one of the cheapest places near the boat, and the cosy atmosphere was enjoyed by all. Earlier, a walk to the Marina Villa Hotel (Where Ian had stayed previously) showed restaurant prices to be too expensive, and next door the Fowey Yacht Club was closed…strange for a Saturday night we thought ?

4th October :- We were off the town pontoon by 0915, ensuring our overnight stay there did not inconvenience other boat users. We motored out to sea for several hours, as the winds were very light westerlies, with one light dousing of rain en-route. Early afternoon we were able to raise the sails when there was some more breeze, and we toyed with the idea of going to the Helford River, but began to get short of time, and so headed for the Falmouth Refuelling Pontoon in the MarinaMap. We only needed 11 litres after all our engine running, so happily proceeded to our berth, arriving at 1530.

Total distance covered was 44 miles, and we were on our way home by 1730 hrs.

Overall Impressions :- Cornish Cruising boats not as good as Liberty Yachts in Plymouth, earlier in June. However, they were not as bad as the boat “D’Artagnan” from an organisation in Dartmouth a few years ago!

A lot more driving for just a week-end (180 miles; 3½ hours including a stop). On the way down, lunch was taken at the Jamaica Inn, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall by the A30. The place itself is tired and full of people from coaches, etc. Cheriton Bishop in Devon is a better place to stop & eat, (The Woodleigh Coach House, right by the A30), but Chris & Ian passed it too early for lunch.

Thank you Chris for returning me safe and sound by 2000 hrs, and thank you everybody for being such wonderful shipmates!


Falmouth  50.1525,-5.0627
Weather at EGDR   6 kts from North 14.0C, 1024mb Mostly Cloudy
Fowey  50.3349,-4.6323
Weather at EGDB   16 kts from West 14C, 1013mb Rain
Falmouth  50.1525,-5.0627
Weather at EGDR   13 kts from West 14.0C, 1014mb Overcast