Trip on a yacht starting 2013-01-09 in BSAFeb13

‘January Sales Trip’ – Spellbinder 9 – 11 January 2013 – report by Don Hirst

The skipper Phil Steele and crew Nick Hay and Don Hirst arrived at Gosport Tuesday evening. Spellbinder was back on her H2 berth looking radiant after her refurbishment. Loading kit, food and the safety brief were soon completed and we set forth into Gosport which was very quiet. There were no welcoming bouncers at Wetherspoons, we nearly walked past. We looked in and it was fairly full, but the clients had aged 40 years since we were there before Christmas, we felt quite young; the pensioners of Gosport were taking full advantage of Steak Night. We even had more customers arrive after us which is most unusual for BSA. We had a good meal with drinks included before retiring to the boat.

Wednesday we left Gosport Mapat 09.45 for a very pleasant sail to Yarmouth achieving a boat speed of 6 Knots in Light F3 NE winds. Spellbinder was showing off her new refurbishment to her very best. We arrived at Yarmouth early and sailed past to take some photographs of the Needles before returning back to YarmouthMap for dinner in the Bugle which was empty, perhaps it was the drinks prices which put people off, but the meal was good. A learning point is that when approaching Yarmouth from the Needles on Low Water Springs beware of a small very steep sandbank just inside Black Rock SHB waiting to give unwary visitors a gentle kiss.

Thursday. The promised F 3 or 4 failed to materialise. With Spring Tide on the nose until after lunch we motored to East Cowes MarinaMap to take advantage of the free moorings (Spellbinder had not used up her allocation) and to participate in the Cowes January Sales, the Objective of the Trip. The Skipper was successful in obtaining foul weather gear at one of the four Chandlers. We had a celebratory drink and had a meal at our usual pub adjacent to East Cowes Marina gate.

Friday. The day dawned clear and bright, good for June, exceptional for January. The Skipper could hardly hide his disappointment. Where is a good SW F8 with heavy rain when you want one to show off your new foul weather gear? We left East Cowes and raised full sail to look for some wind. We were seduced into the main tide stream where the wind was stronger, but even Spellbinder could not make headway and we passed Prince Consort Cardinal twice, not a good result, so we tried inshore but lost the wind completely. Reluctantly we started the engine to do what we do best, lie back and sunbathe and eat the remaining provisions. We did get a little wind later on off Ryde and with the current slackening we headed back to Gosport under sail. We cleaned the boat and drove home.

Thanks once again to the Skipper for a super trip one where we achieved the objective in full despite the lack of wind, and for his patience as I berthed Spellbinder. I am relieved to say she is the same length as when she started and did not loose any Gel coat. Finally thanks to Brenda for letting me go and supplying the cake.

Gosport  50.7904,-1.1165
Weather at EGHN   C, mb
Yarmouth  50.7061,-1.5023
Weather at EGHI   4 kts from NNE 7.0C, 1020mb Mostly Cloudy
East Cowes Marina  50.7523,-1.2894
Weather at EGHN   C, mb