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Weekend aboard ‘PantalaimonJuly 5th - 7th 2013 – report by Brian Adams

Skipper: Jeff Birkin. Crew: Chris Baxendale, Naomi Gillingham, Rhian Phillips, Rob Reynolds and Brian Adams.

Boarded 1230 hrs Friday 5th July. Completed inventory checks and hand over from Liberty yachts of PlymouthMap for our weekend aboard a 36ft Bavaria called ‘Pantalaimon’. After some debate over the pronunciation and with due respect to our 36ft sloop we decided to call her Pants for short.

With all safety briefings and the requisite precise instructions on how to make the skipper’s minty tea, we set off at 1600 hours. With a glorious hint of summer on our backs we were away with a gentle breeze enabling us to set the sail into the sound and beyond. During our evening sail, we were over taken by another yacht called Pantalaimon 2.We had been passed by the previous owner. An enquiry about the name of his boats explained all. He had named his boat after the Russian Orthodox patron saint of doctors. No wonder we had trouble with the pronunciation.

Heading to the very picturesque River YealmMap and mooring up to a pontoon we exercised our duty after a leisurely sail and starting drinking a well-deserved beverage. After quenching our deserved thirsts we blew up the dinghy and discovered the bungs were not holding well, but good old gaffer tape came to the rescue. We ventured ashore and up the hill. After an evening of ales, ciders, wine and very good food at the Ship Inn we embarked our tiny little dinghy in the last of the evening light, and guess what? No it had not gone flat, and somehow we did manage to stay dry.

First party boarded without any keys. Naomi and Rhian persuaded, maybe forced, Chris to go down the hatch, managing to leave half his leg and some DNA all over the wash board. First aid administered by our resident doctor Naomi, but I did not realize this involved an Indian head massage. Chris was in ecstasy but only to have his hopes dashed when the massage finished at his shoulders.

Saturday we were up at a reasonable time for copious cups of tea, coffee and of course minty tea for our skipper. We let go our lines and motor-sailed for some time with a view to a healthy full English brunch by our super chef Rob. We stopped engine and sailed in a very gentle breeze soaking up the sun and the very pleasant surroundings. During our brunch and listening to the fantastic progress of our British Lions down under we debated at length our proposed destination, Salcombe, or Dartmouth, Dartmouth or Salcombe; during our debate and with a view to utilizing our very competent chef skills from Rob I decided to catch some fish. I set up the only remaining hooks and line and weight with some shiny silver paper to lure our proposed dinner. My first cast over the side saw the baited hooks disappear over into the clear blue sea. Thinking this is it, fish for lunch. Just as I was contemplating to tie the line off, lo and behold, the line just slipped through my hands and to the murky depths never to be seen again. After brunch we sailed a little longer in the pouring sunshine but at half a knot and after further debate we pointed up to SalcombeMap to raid some fishing boats for the mackerel we failed, sorry, I failed to catch. Further up we moored to a pontoon for nibbles and thirst quenching drinks. After more food and drinks we sent a landing party to obtain, very discretely, a new mackerel line. Hoping for a better outcome tomorrow. As we have little wind forecast, and temperatures predicted to reach 30 degrees, we really have to pinch and ask ourselves, are we in the Med? Another landing party made the shore to seek out and back up the raiders. With hefty thirsts and victuals secured, we just had to have a drink in the pub.

Both intrepid landing parties safely back on board Pants, we found our very able chef Rob hard at work. He conjured up the most succulent delicate flavors one could imagine from the simplest available ingredients and facilities offered by Pants. What a delight. Thank you Rob. Many tots later and having put the world to rights we enjoyed the sun dipping very gently behind the hill. Fine wine and dining was had by all.

Sunday 7th July

We woke again to glorious sunshine, slipped our lines and headed back up the river where in good space and a couple of knots of tide running we carried out maneuvers practicing reversing, turning and gliding up to a buoy. Once out from Salcombe we gently headed back to Plymouth having to motor-sail. As we gently cut through the almost flat calm sea we noticed some gannets diving for fish, we changed course headed to where our catch would be, my heart raced, a chance to regain my reputation as a fisherman. Over the side the line went this time securely made fast to Pants. A few minutes there was a distinct tugging at the line. Damn! Missed it. No fish, obviously lost my touch. Tried again, a few minutes later and success, mackerel.

My pride now intact we motored on to a bay just off Burgh IslandMap for lunch on board. With our fill of food and beverage we made our way back to PlymouthMap. As we entered the sound there it was, the wind, well a better breeze than we had had earlier, with all hands to the deck we cleaned the boat and packed our bags,

Our thanks to our skipper Jeff and Rob our chef and all the crew for a very enjoyable hot sunny weekend and of course to Jock for arranging it all.

Plymouth  50.3648,-4.1322
Weather at EGDB   11 kts from SSW 18C, 1030mb
River Yealm  50.3107,-4.0538
Weather at EGDB   7 kts from SW 17C, 1030mb
Salcombe  50.2354,-3.7653
Weather at EGDB   10 kts from SW 18C, 1030mb
Burgh Island  50.2757,-3.8892
Weather at EGDB   4 kts from SW 22C, 1032mb
Plymouth  50.3648,-4.1322
Weather at EGDB   10 kts from SW 23C, 1032mb Scattered Clouds