Trip on Moonshine starting 2008-09-26 in BSAOct08

Weekend from Plymouth – report by Liz Freeman

Friday 26/9/08 – Sunday 28/9/08 – Bavaria 38 ‘Moonshine

Crew: Phil Steele (skipper), Don Hirst, Sue Heath, John Edwards, Bob Hayes and Liz Freeman

We all agreed to meet at PlymouthMap by 4pm. Don, Bob and Liz got to Plymouth by 1.30pm and were allowed on board to check the inventory. By the time Phil, Sue and John arrived the inventory was checked and ready for hand over by 4pm. So, we set sail at 5pm and decided we would try for Falmouth by sailing overnight. Off we sailed and watched the sunset. But we were too slow - at 3knots so - decided to return to Plymouth and decide on our options the next day over a great meal made by Bob.

Next day at 9.30 am we set sail for Fowey. Gybing about on a Force 2. We didn’t care that we were sailing slowly. The sun was out and the waves were gentle, we took turns on the helm, eating and sunbathing. We got to FoweyMap by 5pm in a relaxed mood. As we entered Fowey – Sue at the helm – we found we had to moor up across 2 buoys - bow and stern - and did a lot of practising – hooking buoys and tying ropes onto them.

We got the water taxi to town and headed for ‘Sams’ – Sue said it would be a good place, and indeed it seemed very packed, but we didn’t want to wait so we found the Commodores Cabin. Mixed reactions on the food. The décor a bit shabby – so we felt at home!

The next day we sailed out of Fowey where we faced some action – upper Force 3 winds from a south easterly direction, we needed a reef in the mainsail as we sped at 8 knots. Had lunch and anchored outside LooeMap eating bacon sandwiches. Then the wind died and from then we motored home. We faced a significant wait to get diesel so we had to clean out the boat in record time for the hand over.

We thought it was a great trip, great weather, and great crew. Thanks Skipper.

PS the harbour fees can be paid by telephone with credit card if the office is open. From October the office is closed at weekends and no one is on duty.

Plymouth  50.3648,-4.1322
Fowey  50.3349,-4.6323
Looe  50.3497,-4.4435