Trip on Quartette starting 2015-01-24 in BSAFeb15

Sailing Report 24th- 25th January 2015 (January Sails Trip)

Phoenix Yacht ‘Quartette’ Westerly Oceanquest 35, Skipper Phil Steele, Mate Don Hirst, Jane Coombes and Richard Trim

After our arrival tea and seasonal hot cross buns we departed for the classy Wetherspoons hostelry, Don negotiated free desserts. The forecast for the two day sails promised that Saturday F3-4 NW followed by Sunday offering SW F4-5 rain free. The spring tides were west going until early afternoon so we concluded that Yarmouth would be the intended destination. (The weather for the weekend was eerily as forecast)

We were not in a rush to start next morning because of the tides, slipping atMap about 10:30. Spellbinder was off a smidgen before us and headed upstream towards Port Solent after they had informed us that they were off to Beaulieu for lunch then Lymington or Yarmouth and light-heartedly said they would race us. We were surprised to have them pass us in the outer Swashway sailing fast and furious reaching off to Wootton whilst we drank tea sailing best course to wind. They later tacked from well ahead of us from the wrong place in the wrong tide to pass well behind us while we put the kettle on again.

They obviously had great fun showing off Spellbinder’s prowess before reverting to a sensible course in the safe weather position and slowly pulled away from us never to be seen again until we arrived back in Haslar the next day. We ploughed on to Cowes, with the occasional tack, where the tide slackened and turned in our favour. At Egypt point we dropped the mainsail and eased to a narrow reach to have lunch on the hoof. The tide and the good wind made the speed over the ground rather quick so to prolong the sail we continued on Genoa only at about 7 kts. The wind picked up in YarmouthMap marina to the extent that it was necessary to drive head on to the pontoon to achieve berthing. At 15:14 we were heading to the Bugle to ascertain the quality of the beer management. It was satisfactory after it was checked twice to be sure.

Once this task was over we were able to relax back on board with après sail wine before returning to the said public house. It is enough to say that there are 3 less pheasants and 1 less lasagne running around in the wild.

Sunday saw an earlier start with Richard carrying out a perfect bow spring manoeuvre inviting a comment on the next boat from the training skipper to his novice crew that they were expected to do the same. The entrance to Yarmouth harbour is now narrower due to the ferry using the quay wall and temporary ramp whilst work is being carried out on the normal terminal, new trots have been laid west of the entrance. The sails were hoisted immediately on exit and retuning to Egypt point within 1.5 hours goose-winged with pole. Again speed of the leg was fast so Don directed us to the tidal gauge outside BembridgeMap to extend the trip. Returning to HaslarMap up the main channel close hauled.

Haslar Marina  50.7908,-1.1171
Yarmouth  50.7061,-1.5023
Bembridge  50.6999,-1.0861
Haslar Marina  50.7908,-1.1171