Trip on Quartette starting 2016-02-26 in BSAMar16

Quartette Report 26th - 27th February 2016, by Skipper Phil Steele

Phil Steele (Skipper), Becky Goddard, Jane Coombes, Brian Adams and Bob Buchanan on PYCMap Yacht ‘Quartette’ an Oceanquest 35 with in-mast reefing.

The option of Northney was discussed but the strong easterly wind F3/4 veering SE 4/5 and moderate sea could make the entry a bit risky. The next 24 hour forecast indicated SE4/5 so the option of Beaulieu was tabled by Bob and agreed by all. We set off with reefed Genoa in a bumpy sea reefing further as the wind increased. This gave us a good sail past Cowes entrance changing course northwards to the river entrance off-setting against the west going spring tide which was strongly felt as we passed over the bar.

It was not possible to sail all the way up the river because the wind had gone more northerly but the engine was only used for short legs disturbing the scenic river cruise but not the wildlife. We tied up at Bucklers HardMap about 14:30, three crew braved the biting icy winds to walk to the hotel to watch the rugby whilst the two non-sports fans walked even further for a late cream tea. A reasonable meal was had by a lovely log fire in the hotel called The Master Builder’s Hotel.

The next day the forecast promised NE 4/5 rising to F6 requiring well reefed main and Genoa. Despite the bitter head wind the sun shone several times but did not warm us up very much. The lack of the Eberspächer had hardened the crew. The boat made good speed over the water but the foul strong spring tides hampered our progress. There was an incident as we approached Gilkicker when the yacht was being expertly helmed demonstrating how well it could put into a close hauled groove when a sudden dramatic wind shift backed the genoa requiring a pirouette to escape, this was soon followed by the wind shifting back to its original direction. Never the less we had a good sail back to HaslarMap.

Haslar Marina  50.7908,-1.1171
Bucklers Hard  50.7991,-1.4207
Haslar Marina  50.7908,-1.1171