Trip on Ventis Secundis starting 2016-03-17 in BSAApril16

Plymouth – Falmouth – Fowey, 17-20 March 2016 - report by Don Hirst

The Crew of Ventis Secundis (Delphia 40) Skipper Alan Howells, Jerzy Wieczorek, Richard Trim, Neil Webber and Julian Brenard and myself met up at QABMap Thursday evening, taking full advantage of the free night on board granted by Liberty. We went to the Barbican for our usual Fish & Chips taken into the Dolphin pub next door but one. The Dolphin was heaving. It was St Patrick’s Day, celebrations were well advanced when we turned up, but when turned up instead of St Patrick the clients who were still able to walk made their way elsewhere and we were able to find seats.


The day dawned with bright sunshine and a very gentle easterly breeze. Handover was completed by 10.00. We set out for Falmouth on engine. Following our second breakfast of Bacon Butties the east breeze strengthened to F3 and we had a pleasant sail. We were pleased to be escorted part of the time by a pod of up to 12 Dolphins. We arrived at Falmouth Visitors Yacht Haven16.59. There was a prime place available next to the Pilot boat. We missed the 17.00 closing time for the Marina Office by seconds so we were unable to purchase an electric card. On reflection it was quite lucky as we noticed all the electric points were taken. After consuming an excellent on board meal we set out for the pub we found on our last visit, which was just starting up, and had live folk music. I am reliably informed it was the third pub from our moorings, about 5 minutes away, left under the Chain Locker, at the end of the Quay. Since we were last there the pub has become very popular and offers a superb range of local beers. The full specification of each beer was given on blackboards above the bar. Sadly no folk music on this occasion. Overnight we learnt why we had been able to get prime position so easily. The easterly wind got up and made for a noisy and slightly uncomfortable night. Learning Point. Take weather forecast into account for the full berthing period when selecting a berth. No shore power led us to discover the engine calorifier was not functioning. We had to use the kettle for all hot water for the remainder of the trip.


We had a leisurely 12.00 start for Fowey. We had a good but chilly sail into a F5 Easterly. Progress was slower than anticipated, despite having a dolphin escort part of the way. The engine was engaged after Dodman point to achieve our landing on the Pilot Boat Quay at 18.00 as planned. Fowey was devoid of virtually all boats, no yachts on any of the mooring buoys. We had a quick post sail snack and wine. A scouting party was dispatched to the Lugger to secure front seats for the England v France rugby match and prime the chef to expect the main party. Most of us had excellent, large meals, although it was reported that the more exotic meals were slightly lacking. Fowey was deserted, but we had a good evening in the Lugger and England won the rugby as a bonus.


We set sail for Plymouth at 09.30 into an East F4 which had not warmed up much. Lunch time the wind dropped and the engine was put on to achieve handover on time. As we departed Plymouth with less than a full tank of Diesel, Simon of Liberty met us on the fuel berth to pay for the fuel, a small charge to us for the fuel we had consumed. When we mentioned the calorifer was not functioning he turned on the hot engine water tap to the calorifer. Learning point If all else fails read the manual.


Ventis Secundis is a good well maintained, comfortable, roomy boat. We achieved all our objectives, including giving experience of skippering for a day to 3 members of the crew. Thanks to Alan for organising and provisioning a very good trip for this time of year.

Queen Anne's Battery Marina  50.3646,-4.1324