Trip on Cherry B starting 2017-08-04 in BSAAug17

Weekend rom Plymouth, August 4 – 6 – report by Ian Collins

Richard Trim and I decided to have a family weekend sail. So we knew the crew except Richards son Phillips lovely Danish girlfriend. Phillip had sailed with his dad, Mygrit had sailed with her Grandfather and my son Sam who after training with the Sea Cadets has been accompanying me since he could afford to buy a round, 

PlymouthMap it was, Cherry B the boat. The Bridge bar filled Friday night. The weather Saturday was good with sun and wind from the west. so it was Hello to the Eddystone and then across Whitesands Bay in long, long tacks with the final one taking us into the harbour mouth at Fowey.

FoweyMap was full but we managed a space just ahead of three others on No.2 Pontoon but accepted a similar sized Sadler alongside. This Crew gave me hope for the future, a 30 year old sailing instructor with his 93 year old ex sailing instructor grandfather at the wheel; it must have been tired eyes as he managed to arrive with us pushing off and a solid bump. I can see the future I've got a year or two yet. 

The Lugger was very good, very filling. The 200 yds to shore was as usual a very,very expensive stretch of water 2.5 pence a yard for each of this crew.

Bright morning Sunday and we took a trip up river before heading back with a fair SW wind, on a fair sea, fairly quick.

Great sailing, great company, memorable weekend.

Plymouth  50.3647,-4.1315
Fowey  50.3349,-4.6323