Trip on a yacht starting 2017-09-29 in BSAOct17

Weekend from Plymouth, Sept 29 – Oct 1, report by skipper Ian Collins

Bavaria 34 from Plymouth Sailing School

Crew:Richard Trim, Brian Adams, Stewart Menzies, Julian Brenard and Paul Eyers

You may be surprised to learn that weather forecasting is not an exact science. However personal overindulgence can be measured with quite a high accuracy. At Plymouth Yacht QuayMap we watched in awe as Alan and crew departed for a night sail to Falmouth. I'm sorry to say my crew seemed less desperate for a pasty so later, after dinner, we toasted their brave endeavour at the Clovelly Bay Inn.

On a reasonable morning at a reasonable time. Dry, not cold and a breeze, not too strong and from the SSW. We enjoyed ourselves with a decent sail, tacking and churning our way out of the Sound to Rame

Head. Past Draystoke Buoy and we turned to the west sailing well in a lively sea that demanded concentration on the part of the helmsman. So all praise to Julian, Stewart and Paul who taking turn took us most of the way across Whitesand Bay while the visibility worsened and the wind strengthened, whipping up the waves. The drizzle that had joined us grew up to become rain as we arrived in FoweyMap making a soggy landfall on the wave wobbling Town Quay. As the only boat they had taken any money from all day the big hearted harbourmaster said we could stay overnight on the pontoon.

Alan and crew arrived and we departed for the Lugger. Later, dryer and lighter on the outside, and suitably heavier and damper on the inside we returned to the boat. The rain had died back, the waves had died back, so taking our clue from the elements plus a forecast offering "Fun to Come" especially around midday on the morrow, we dived back into our bunks for an early start.

So away early with a SW wind chasing our tail and a lively swell keen to join us in the cockpit, With Brian and Rich sharing the wheel we were back into PlymouthMap and on our way home from the sea by midafternoon.

So the Company was good, the pubs were excellent, the weather was British and with the exception of Richard who spectacularly slipped on the pontoon when leaping ashore to secure the lines and has managed to pull all the muscles on the left leg and lower back; we arrived home in one piece. Richard sends his apologies but is finding even sitting strenuous

Plymouth Yacht Haven  50.3586,-4.1215
Fowey  50.3349,-4.6323
Plymouth Yacht Haven  50.3586,-4.1215