Trip on Pina Colada starting 2019-07-20 in BSAAug19

Trip in Croatia, from Biograd, July 20 – 27 – report by Bernard Smyth

Skipper\: Dave Price. Crew: Keith Taylor, John Harding and Bernard Smyth.

Boat: Bavaria 47C ‘Pina Colada’.

The charter was organised through Latesail but their contractors in Biograd had merged and didn’t seem to talk to each other. We had a request from one firm we’d never heard of for crew details which had been supplied to Latesail. The yacht was in fairly good order.

Flights were disrupted in both directions due to aircraft problems, an emergency landing at GAtwickby another plane, and storms over Croatia on the way home.

We sailed from BiogradMap on the first day to U Landin on PasmanMap for GnTs and dinner. Next day we sailed north-westerly, topping 7 knots, to Deli on Iz IslandMap. We later tacked to MolatMap and decided to change our plan and make that our furthest point from the base. With a strong crosswind and some confusing instructions from the shore, we had problems mooting on lazy lines.

Next day we motor-sailed southeast towards the base, stopping in a nice bay for a swim and lunch. We stayed overnight at Sali on Dugi IslandMap, moored stern-to. We then went down the Lavdarski Kanal south of Dugi to the national park through a narrow channel north of Kornat IslandMap. We were charged 500 Kuna (£62) to stay in the park for 24 hours. Not cheap!

We sailed out into the Adriatic to have look at some high rock cliffs, then returned to a buoy for dinner on board, as anchoring is forbidden in the park. Next day we had an early start back towards the base down the Zutski Canal with some sailing and some motoring. After lunch ina bay at anchor in Bela Kotula we goose-winged back towards the baseMap only to have the hassle of queuing in a disorganised fashion to refuel.

Biograd  43.9412,15.4421
Pasman  43.9473,15.3717
Iz Island  44.0409,15.1125
Molat  44.2419,14.8149
Dugi Island  43.9669,15.0908
Kornat Island  43.8208,15.3073
Biograd  43.9412,15.4421