Trip on Bertie of Tamar starting 2019-09-07 in BSASep19

Weekend from Plymouth September 7/8 – report by Becky Goddard

Skipper: Bob Buchanan. Crew: Becky Goddard, Becca Paulino, Hugh Hayward, Kevin Lay, Colin Evans, David Winks and Sam Buchanan.

Boat: Bavaria 44’Bertie of Tamar’ from QABMap.

The Buccaneers gathered about 4 pm in the café in the marina – we were all running a bit late due to an accident on the A303. After the handover we reviewed the weather forecast for the weekend and as there was no forecast wind for Sunday we fixed on a leisurely sail on the Saturday to Salcombe

After a late start we slipped our mooring and sailed very gently with a F3 from the west under mainsail alone. As we sailed into Plymouth Sound we spotted two tugs towing or escorting a sinister-looking submarine – the Harbour master approached us and other boats indicating we should turn to starboard as we were in the track of the sub. This we did and all seemed well until we received 5 blasts from the tugs – they were now aiming for us – a police RIB charged up to us almost apologising that the sub had changed its mind! Let’s hope that they are more decisive in an active situation!

Later we pulled out the genny as we turned into Salcombe BayMap. We tied up to a visitor’s buoy about 5 pm. We enjoyed dinner at the Ferry Inn (a little pricey but this is Salcombe!) and got the water taxi back to the boat about 10 pm (our mooring cost £22 for the night and the water taxi was £3.00 return operating till 11 pm).

The next day most of the crew opted for exploring the town and breakfast ashore before we left the mooring about midday. We motorsailed back to PlymouthMap with a F3 SW and berthed about 3.30. It had been a sunny and warm weekend so there were a few red faces as we left the boat clean and tidy at 5 pm.

A lovely weekend again – thanks Bob!

QAB marina  50.3646,-4.1309
Salcombe Bay  50.23,-3.7666
QAB Plymouth  50.3649,-4.1318