Trip on Marta starting 2022-06-17 in BSAJuly22

Maddalena Islands, Sardinia, June 17 – 27 2022 – report by Sue Fowle

Marta, Bavaria 36, built 2016. Sue Fowle as crew with 3 friends. Mainsail in mast furling,

Chartered from Boomerang, a relatively recent charter company at PortiscoMap. This is a manmade harbour about 20k NE of Olbia. Access by local bus from Olbia Port, cost €3. Disadvantage is about 1k steep walk down to the coast. Return taxi cost €60.

Cool shelter provided whilst waiting for the boat. Just a short walk to marina showers, supermarket and restaurants.

Very efficient handover - compared with nearby  marina in 2019. Boat and sails in good condition, very clean, 1 holding tank out of 2 heads...British style life jackets!

Food order delivered to the boat and topped up from local supermarket.

6 days of variable sailing - winds mainly from the east. First 3 were light winds but we got a sail in each day. Last 3 were quite lively and wind blew up in the night on one occasion.

We anchored for 5 out of 6 nights. Is it an art or a science? Some people dropped all their chain and stayed, some laid it as they were in reverse, others in forward.....Some skippers picked up mooring buoys from the stern/bathing platform.... We dragged one night as the wind went round from E to W and blew straight into the Cala. Otherwise we were safe. Mainly sand/mud and weed.

We went to the westerly marina, GavettaMap, in La Maddalena - the only habitation in the archipelago. Helpful staff for a very slick stern-to mooring by Marta's all female crew. €60 for elec and water.

A busy little town, useful for restocking if necessary. Wide choice of restaurants, not all expensive. But the non-drinking birthday girl chose what must be the only restaurant in Italy that does not serve Campari Spritz.....OK, Aperol is fashionable but....I showed off my English disdain!

The best day's sailing was from La Maddelena to BonifaccioMap. Not to stay this time but just a quick in and out for the approach and view of the city. Much quieter than in 2019. The sail back to Cala Longa was exhilarating with 1 reef  and Marta reached over 8 knots. Wind NE and gusting up to 24 knts.

We 4 women were treated with respect by fellow sailors, particularly the racers we mingled with as we returned to Portisco. ' Viva, Marta!'  was the shout on seeing the female crew.. However when coming in to refuel under the bowsprit of a large restored gulet and fighting off the gin palaces, our skipper was not very pleased to be told she should get the captain to do it next time....

Handover was rapid, underwater drone used to check the underside of the boat. Following morning's routine of cleaning and washing boats was military in its efficiency and speed.

Anchorages used :  La Rotunda, Cala Portesco, Cala Villamarina, Cala Longa, Porto Palma

Olbia is a pleasant town for a night or two's stay with a good choice of accommodation, restaurants and a lively atmosphere, And gelato to die for!!!! Easy access from the airport by local bus, €1 if ticket purchased in a machine in the airport.

The area is good for sailing but the islands are very barren so apart from La Maddalena there is little to do apart from sailing and swimming. There are marinas on the mainland but we have not been into them apart from Sta Teresa, briefly, in 2019.


Sue Fowle

Portisco  41.0341,9.5247
Gavetta  41.2109,9.3923
Bonifaccio  41.3877,9.1485